Sunny summer!

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Living tree is in harmony, grounded,  on the top swinging, elastic and active energetic. Huggies from Pinetree= Petäjä

Keep yourself warm

AFTER THE WINTER HEALTH RESISTANCE IS STILL ASLEEP – SPRING WEATHER IS HARSH Among all the bugs, avoiding exposing we forget how we can strengthen our resistance : a) keep your body warm – winter clothes as long as possible. Beanie- scarf and cover your ankles! b) keep your stomach warm; eat – drink warm….

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Finns love it in “glögi”, mulled wine in christmas time and in “korvapuusti” pastry. And not without reason. Cardamom is an aromatic spice with supportive effect on digestion. It warms “cold”, moves and regulates the qi-energy, transforms “dampness” and disperses stagnations and thus eases stomach swelling and pain.


Inhale-extension and exhale-flexion Take your time in the morning Equal long extension-flexion in rhythm of inhale-exhale Balancing yang-yin energy and Your life

Acupuncture is effective for chronic pain treatment

“Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal, headache, and osteoarthritis pain. Treatment effects of acupuncture persist over time and cannot be explained solely in terms of placebo effects. Referral for a course of acupuncture treatment is a reasonable option for a patient with chronic pain.”