I have been working as physician over 30 years. This journey has been colorful and includes 3 paths, which all complement each other.



  1. General practitioner, Germany; I have been working for years as family doctor in southern Germany. THESIS: human being has deep need to be NURTUREd. That can’t be replaced through robot, artificial intelligence or chatGP
  2. Occupational Physician, Finland; I have been taking care of all kinds of companies from startups to national listed ones. THESIS: human being has deep need to belong to a group. This need for COMMUNITY only stood out during the pandemic
  3. Certified physician of traditional chinese medicine, Germany; I have been studying and practicing for decades 3000 year old traditional chinese philosophy, medicine and therapy. THESIS: many of our problems are related to disorders – health means  dynamic BALANCEing.  This has influenced  and fundamentally changed me as a person and physician. It has reduced helplessness and provided me chinese medicine´s own logical system tools for my work and life.
  4. THESIS: live like you teach and treat and let good things reflect. When the grass turns green, I invite all to Qigong/ Taiji practice in Töölö/ Hesperiapark/Helsinki for free