1 profession – 3 paths – 4 thesis

I have been working as physician over 30 years. This journey has been colorful and includes 3 paths, which all complement each other.     General practitioner, Germany; I have been working for years as family doctor in southern Germany. THESIS: human being has deep need to be NURTUREd. That can’t be replaced through robot,…

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CPC certified physician of chinese medicine

CPC = certified physician of chinese medicine. Degree is most comprehensive postgraduate qualification for chinese medicine for physicians in german language area and contains at least 1000 units of studies. I passed the final examination now in Munich Germany  7.3.24.

Best healing environment to Work

Self evaluated. Good location. Warm natural decor.  Peaceful. Good Fengshui. My stile. Time to listen and think over. These are the ingredients of best possible healing environment to offer Warmly Welcome to Acupuncture Yours Qimaja made by Tiina Petäjä

Boost immune system

According to chinese medicine we don’t wait for bug attacks. Instead of that we boost our immune system. Acupuncture strengthens and is good boost before winter.

Sunny summer!

Sunny summer! AkupunktioQimaja is on vacation in July Make already an appointment in August


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