About Me

TCM Universität Chengdu 5-6/ 2015

I studied medicine 1985-1993 in  München Ludwig-Maximilian-university Germany. 1988 I attained a lecture “traditional chinese medicine” at the university, held by Prof. Carl-Herman Hempen. From then on I started beside studying medicine, to study traditional chinese medicine at SMS association  training program for medical students and physicians.

Later on I  have been practicing acupuncture and chinese medicine in my practice in Germany and in Helsinki since 2006. I have been actively educating myself further on at SMS association and in China. I finished my studies of CPC (Certified Physician of Chinese Medicine),  SMS München Germany 7.3.2024.

My motto is ” live like you teach”.  That means I follow the principles of chinese yangsheng – nourishment of life by practicing in everyday live Qigong, yoga, meditation and  eat – sleep well in order to maintain a sufficient good balance in life.