5 Elements

Circle of life

Yin and Yang movement and Qi flow can be described as a never ending circle of five transforming elements. In this, all phenomena of life are born and followed by each other like seasons spring- summer-late summer- autumn- winter and as there symbols wood-fire-earth-metal-water.

Energy of the phases:

WOOD – In spring everything wakes up and starts to grow through warmth and light: a tree grows in length, a bud opens up to a blossom. Spring is full of dynamic ascendend energy. In human´s life this refers to childhood and youth.

FIRE – Sun is at its height, radiates light and warmth. Flowers are most colorful and summer at its best, until heat burns the earth, grass and trees. In human´s life this refers to young adulthood.

EARTH – Burned ashes turns to soil, concentrates energy in order to fruit and nourish everything. In human’s life this refers to mature adulthood.

METALL – Metall concentrates in the depth of earth. In human´s life this refers to aging adulthood.

WATER – Water cools in winter, turns to drops ja transfers to ice. It hibernates in order to water nature for new growth. This in human´s life refers to old age.

In our body Qi energy flows in 5 element areas in circle and in contact to each other. Through TCM (traditional chinese medicine) diagnosis the imbalance of the areas will be defined  in order to be able to design the treatment.