In China eating is part of social communication. There is no celebration, visit, trip or meeting without a meal. In chinese language even you say instead of “How are you doing?” “Have you eaten enough?”. In Finland we could also follow this, and get more together, have a meal and socialize.

The purpose of daily nutrition is to support “Stomach” to renew energy reserves. In China the basis of the daily nutrition consists of grain; rice and porridges ( easy digestible, gently energy supplying and enough moisturizing). Additionally to that vegetables, meat, fish and fruit.

Regular meals support stable energy circulation; preferably 1-3 warm main meals per day. Size of a meal “own fist” and not too many ingredients at once. Take enough time for eating, chew your food properly, don’t wolf and just rinse down with a drink the insufficient chewed food. Food should be clean, fresh and “clear” (minimizing sauces or grease). Prepare  by conserving nutrients in a simple way ( cook, steam, wok, cook in the oven) avoid too much spices. Too much cold, raw, greasy, grilled and too much eating should be avoided.

In a finnish way the best breakfast is a porridge. We have lots of flakes ( wheat, oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, millet, rice). Porridge could also be eaten as supper.  Too much cold, uncooked  like salad, raw food, mysli, smoothies and milk products put too much load on stomach and as a result after meal feeling tired and  like “having stone in the stomach”.

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