In Chinese/ TCM: ” if your center (stomach) is ok everything is ok”. Finnish stomach is not ok- it´s rebellious! Almost every week I meet people in my practice with stomach problems. In examinations there are no physical reason to find and the question is- what can I do about it?

Finland is a cold country. Globally seen in winter we live in a “Freezer” and mostly in summer in a ” Fridge” ( Midsummer two years ago, did we have +10 C degree?) There we have a challenge to keep our body temperature even in order to function optimally. The task of the stomach/digestion is challenging. It melts, warms up, cooks, assimilates and transforms food to body energy. If  into the stomach arriving stuff is ice cold, we can only imagine, how much extra energy it has to put on in order to work. Especially children´s digestion, which doesn’t “warm up” like adults.

Traditionally Finnish drinking culture includes warm beverages only coffee and liquor ( in TCM Hot). Liquor is self-evidently not a health drink and coffee too much is also not good for us. In the old days yet  we used to drink hot berry juice after cross country skiing and nowadays in december we drink “glög” Glühwein ( which is a swedish invention).

But every other beverages is cold! Especially Finns drink milk products ( in TCM Cold and makes Slime) around the year ice cube water and they eat most in the world ice-cream. Stomach is not a “Fridge”  but a “Boiler room”, which has to be kept warm in order to be able to function- in cold.

Magazine “Trendi” predicted the year 2017 to be Chinese fashionable. In this context I recommend chinese drinking culture to Finland: cooked, hot water into thermos bottle fo all day long! No cold drinks in winter!

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