“I don´t feel well, I´m not myself, my body is disturbed, pain here and there? Something is out of balance.” You can recognize the misbalance in your breathing and treat it – yourself- by breathing- wherever- whenever!

Breathing is a wave movement; active inhale (YANG) and passive exhale (YIN) alternate, there is´nt one without the other.  The beginning (WOOD)- zenit (FIRE)- ending (METAL)- rest (WATER) following each other again and again. 


In balanced breathing inhale and exhale are of equal length.

Focus on breathing, does some phases of inhale or exhale feel difficult? Is inhale or exhale superficial, tense or different length? Focus for a moment on relaxing inhale and exhale for equal long, equal smooth, equal deep.  Focus on the phases of breathing, which feels difficult, relax that and feel how breathing becomes light, calms down, body and mind feel balanced.

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